Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, we're about to start getting back into the blog business as we're taking off for a new run through China>Nepal>India on Wednesday. We had a couple of things we wanted to check off the list before we left Japan, and last weekend we finally got around to eating fugu, or blowfish.

Fugu was made famous in the U.S. when Homer Simpson ate a piece of improperly prepared fugu and was then given 24 hours to live.

This bit of Americana is rooted in truth, as fugu contains a poison called petrodotoxin in it's organs, and if it's prepared incorrectly, it's lethal. There is no known antidote. A victim of such poisoning will become slowly paralyzed and will die of asphyxiation within 24 hours unless put on respiratory support. Luckily, there is a strict licensing process for chefs who prepare fugu, and although deaths used to be common, now they're very rare.

Why eat fugu then you may ask? Well, it's considered a delicacy, and it's really delicious. Thanks to all the licensing procedures, it's statistically much safer than eating cheap factory farm eggs. Just sayin'.

Fugu skin in some kind of gelatin-like substance, served with red miso. Really tasty.

I can't really remember what this was. I think it was some kind of savory fugu "cake"

Fugu Sashimi

Fugu Tempura

Fugu nabe, later the remaining broth was made into fugu risotto.